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Originally Posted by GOBB
No rapper had the work ethic he did. 2pac is an hop hop icon. Not many can stake that claim at all. If 2pac is overrated then so is Ali.

lmao. "Work ethic" Dude was in jail for a couple of years. WTF did he have to do but write rhymes? Think of how many songs you could write in two years with absolutely nothing else to do.

As for him being so "lyrically" ahead of his time, dude was average at best lyrically. Plus he was a hypocrite. He's telling women to keep their head up but then he gets around. Dude was all over the place. On Changes he's talking about seeing your brothers as equals and all that, then the next song he's riding on his enemies.

Plus I had little respect for him as a man. He never got arrested until AFTER he became famous. That tells me that he got dumber instead of smarter. Trying to live that thug life stuff is what got him killed. Tupac is the opposite of what young black males need to look up to in this country. Follow Tupac's teachings and you'll learn how to start petty beefs with dozens of people over nonsense and then get killed in yet another meaningless black on black crime!

No thanks.
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