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Originally Posted by AKADS
No way the Kinga and Lakers are in the same trade.

Both will fighting for there playoff live VS each other again this yr.

well the trade makes them both better, so why not?

as for the kings not havin any backcourt players: the could draft a PG, sign a decent one (Bobby Jackson?), and i dont know how many of you guys watch the kings play regularly, but garcia got a lot of time at PG even when bibby was in the game. between a veteran and garcia ( i know he is in the trade, but he cud b takin out and soem1 else used to make salaries match), i think distributing would be handled... artest also took the ball up a lot, but i wudnt support that. kevin martin wud b startin SG--a spot hes already fightin 4.

the wolves get a good amount of talent and youth, they can use as trade bait as they progress...
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