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Originally Posted by Bourne
When does your overall record come into play?

This thing goes by weekly, so does that mean your performance for the week in a category is the average of your team's player's stats in the games he played that week?

i.e. My players score 300 points in one week consisting of 3 games. So my points would be 100 then?

Or do values come from your team's player's ever-slightly-changing season averages?

11:30 would suck incomparable ass for me btw. I have a quiz for 7% of mark at 8:30 the next morning.

i think you'r reffering to point based fantasy systems. heres wut happens here..there are 9 categories..pts,stl, rebs, etc

yor players will accumalte points for each category and so will your opponents, if your players scored more points than his, you get a point, if his players get more steals then you, he gets a point...after all 9 categories have been taken into account, the person that wins more categories win the match..but if you win your match 5-4..and someone else wins their match 7-2..they're better.

most likely the draft wont be on wednesday at all...there are alot of opend slots for friday and on..
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