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Originally Posted by Younggrease
I wish i knew that nothing came for free.

School gives you a full schlarship, but you got to be 1 of 15 black people in your class. Def not worth it. Id rather go in debt.
i go to a priv catholic high school and 90% our student body are really rich white kids who haven't shopped outside of A&F in their lives, but never buy new shoes...Kinda digressing, but the kids at my rich high school are loaded with new cash and have tons of clothes but they have one pair of crappy dirty kicks.
Theres only 10-15 black kids in my class but most of them are sports stars, guess thats how they got in...too bad I'm the only brown guy and aren't a sports sucks..
I went to a mostly mexican elementary school and when I got to the all white HS, its was like culture shock. First day of school I was like "Wtf is American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Puma? what happened to jordan, southpole (my mexican friends' fav company, and ecko?"
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