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Originally Posted by Targus™

Exactly im like the only dude that wears anything different. Our undergrad is on PR as most HOMOGENOUS Students and they arent lying. We are right out of an Abercrombie catalog. Im like the only guy that wears anything different, i wear polos but i also throw on white tees and the occasional Lakers Jersey.

Its funny because you gotta deal with so many sterotypes because you dont conform to their style, even from the teachers.

This happened this week.

In Cultural Anthropolgy class with one black friend, teacher is like its a lot different teaching here than at Seton Hall, which is mostly black and hispanic. Glances at us. YOu guys dress really preppy and wear expensive stuff while the guys at Seton Hall shop at places like Walmart. Did he really blacks shop at Walmart, yep he did.
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