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Originally Posted by ALBballer
bigboi your right, what's up with white American kids wearing beat up sneakers, a small t-shirt that has some stupid saying on it, but wearing expensive jeans that are ripped?

But then again I do laugh at all the gangsta kids who color coordinate their whole outfit. Seriously, belt matches hat, shoes compliment t-shirt and what not, whatever happened to dressing normal.

I have a rich white friend that he dresses normal, and his dad does to. If you saw him you cant tell he's rich, he only dresses nice if its a special occasion . . thats the problem between some people, some people want to look good all the time, always having fresh closthe on, while others dont care about that , and why do some people judge what others wear? Closthe doesnt make a person, and if you judge somebody by what they wear, you we'rent raised right. Im not saying that to anybody in paticular, thats just what I beileive in, and I was taught to not judge people . . .
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