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Default Re: Who is better, Luke Ridnour or Earl Watson?

Ridnour is overated! he HAD potential, he didn't live up to the hype.. Watson is the better player.. And by the way Westbrook is not a PG for all you guys talking about him. Did you forget about Kyle Weaver!!? this guy is a beast on defense and he's a pass first type of player.. he's a great playmaker plus he's 6'6.. reminds a bit of Joe JOhnson.. Trust me you guys will like him.. just because he was a second round pick or didnt post big stats you guys are sleeping on him.. If I was Toronto i would glady throw 2 second picks for this guy or better yet a first round instead of the one draft pick u got for him.. DAmn those raptors ... I dont know if hes gonna mesh well wit Durant Watson and compagnie those guys are ball hogs....
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