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Zaza really isn't that good.

Defensively he flat out blows on man and help D.

On offense his midrange J is poor and he has trouble finishing at the rim. The way he gets some easy scores is to take guys off the dribble and beats them to the basket. As a back to the basket player his game is limited to a quick spin move and that's it.

He has no hops so he gets his shot blocked a lot. In fact he was worst in the league when did the numbers. That is why he is so much better on the offensive boards than the defensive boards. he gets a lot of rebounds after his own misses.

He is also top 5 in the league in picking up offensive fouls, strange considering he doesn't get that many touches.

The only way he will become effective offensively is if he greatly improves his mid-range j and forces bigs to come out and play him. Then he can get by them. But he will never be able to finish in trafic. Generally he just throws his body into someone hoping to draw a foul.

FYI Charlie at 6'9" w/o shoes is 1/4 inch taller than Okafor and is the same height that Dwight Howard measured at the combine, although Howard may have grown since then.
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