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My buddy rented this last night and we were checking it out. I'm going over there tonight too, I'm sure we'll fiddle with it some more. He probably played some more after I left.

The create a soul is awesome. I wanted to mess with that for hours, but we spent a lot of time just experimenting with each others created characters to try to figure out the combos.

Mostly it's a pretty good game. I haven't played a fighting game since... probably Street Fighter II Turbo.... but I have a lot of problems with it..

First off, there should be some way to roll away from an opponent like you could in SFII. It sucks that all you can do is try to block when your opponent closes in and is pounding the $hit out of you.

I'm also miffed that you you to block instead of doing a simple counter. I realize there are some combo special move counters, but they should allow simple ones too... Example? When someone goes in for a high punch or kick, you should be able to go low and sweep the leg or something. Unfortunately, we had very limited success trying such moves.

Also, we found that different combos did different things depending on where you were at in relation to your opponent, which is annoying to say the least. Just when you think you've got a move down, it doesn't work when you need it most because you're either too far, or too close.

Lastly, we didn't get an instruction booklet, Blockbuster doesn't give those out anymore. The combo help guide was annoying as ****. Instead of just telling you a,b,x,y, they use a little combo icon, which are k,g,b,a. So you have to translate everything, which is annoying as ****. Because a actually is x I think, and b is actually y or some **** like that... it's annoying as hell.

I have some questions though:

I've never played SC games before. Is this the first installment with the create a soul feature?

Also, where is Vader? Do you have to unlock him?

How does the money system work? We started with an automatic 20,000. Maybe you have to earn more in story mode?

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