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First off, there should be some way to roll away from an opponent like you could in SFII. It sucks that all you can do is try to block when your opponent closes in and is pounding the $hit out of you.

You're absolutely right. Especially with sword fighting. You'd think people would feel better getting the hell out of the way rather than blocking a sword.

I'm also miffed that you you to block instead of doing a simple counter. I realize there are some combo special move counters, but they should allow simple ones too... Example? When someone goes in for a high punch or kick, you should be able to go low and sweep the leg or something. Unfortunately, we had very limited success trying such moves.

It actually does work over here. THe main distinction I think is the mid/high attacks. High attacks will miff you when your crouching, mid attacks hit you.

I've never played SC games before. Is this the first installment with the create a soul feature?

First introduced in SC3

Also, where is Vader? Do you have to unlock him?

I'm assuming you're playing via a 360. I think Vader (or Yoda in my case) will be available via online download somewhere down the line.

How does the money system work? We started with an automatic 20,000. Maybe you have to earn more in story mode?

Earn stuff in story, arcade, and tower of souls mode
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