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Default Re: Games with best storylines

Some of the ones I liked…

Xenogears — This is a game where the storyline is actually better than the game play mechanics.

Grandia II — It really captivated me Game Arts seem to do well here…

Phantasy Star II — before that whole Aeris thing… their was Nei… and also destruction of a whole planet that was key in the first game… oh Phantasy Star II came out in 1989 btw

Panzer Dragoon Saga — really short game (about 30 hours) and not too difficult, its worth playing for its storyline… I have played this through 3 time now and am thinking of going for a 4th soon - like re-reading a good book.

Dragon Quest VIII — I was really drawn into the story though its not the greatest but the game play balances it out…

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time — pretty interesting story line I guess. I had enjoyment going throug this game… I really had a warm feeling when I finally made it to Aquios…

Valkyrie Profile — the story is really sad and depressing… really riveting.

Other Hideo Kojima offerings:
Zone of the Enders

both have well thought out storylines…

Originally Posted by LJJ
The first Lunars where pretty good too.

Lunar: The Silver Star had a really nice story… Eternal Blue was good but I really liked TSS better.

Originally Posted by gasolina
Crono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI.

Chrono Trigger is indeed good


Final Fantasy VI is THE BEST in the whole franchise.
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