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Default Re: According to ESPN experts, JO voted worst newcomer.

Originally Posted by NotALakerTroll
I'm not sure he's that humble. In the interview he said he wanted to be dominant once more and in the interviews with the Pacers media he always talked about being one of the best players in the league. He's good, but IMO he's always overrated himself. And this is coming from a Pacer fan.
Being confident doesn't take away from your humility. It's not like what he said was arrogant. Imagine if he came out and said, "i'm gonna be decent. i just hope my knee holds up." Fans wouldn't believe in him, players wouldn't believe in him, Mitchell, Colangelo, Bosh, Calderon, wouldn't have confidence in him. It was absolutely necessary for him to make a statement like that, because it gives our franchise, it's players, management, and fans (and himself for that matter) some real hope.
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