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Originally Posted by i cant dunk
yea i got this game and i played it for like 6 hours straight. I'm trying to get the combos down and there is a hell of alot. right now i am stuck in the tower of souls on floor i think 33. I can't even get to the last person there because the first person most of the time kills my first guy.

what are your best characters. mine is nightmare, people think he is slow but dam he is powerful as hell. you can pretty much 3 hit someone.

also has anyone ever had a critical hit. I don't know but im playing the the guy with the grim reaper does something and chucks me into a portal that came from the gorwn and it says critical hit you lose.

I just hate tower of souls mode. Especially when trying to beat the challenges. It's especially annoying when you need to beat 3 opponents with limited time.

I think I'm pretty nasty with Sophitia. I've used Rafael in SC3 but I think he just blows so much this time.
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