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Jason Richardson would be a good addition (better than Gordon) but that would be very VERY hard to accomplish.

- The Bobcats just traded Brandan Wright (who I think will be a good player) for him. I'd rather have Wright than Bargnani so forget about that possibility.

- Since Toronto is so close the the cap, they would need to send equal salary back to Charlotte. Richardson is owed $12 million next season.

Bargnani = $5.2 million
Kapono = $5.8 million
Parker = $4.5 million
future 1st = ??? is there a fixed value for trading these or do we find out once that future draft slot is settled? Let's just say the Raptors are picking around #17-20 so around $1 million.

So Bargnani + Parker or Kapono + 1st round pick would have to be it. There is no way Charlotte accepts such a trade. But for argument's sake if they do, the Raptors are down to 12 players total on the roster without a single cent to spend if they want to avoid the luxury tax.
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