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When did this become a discussion about why we clearly can't get Jason Richardson at this time? I mean, I would LOVE to get him, but it ain't happening.

If there is a chance we can get Ben Gordon without giving up Bosh, JO, Jose, and AP, I would be ****ing stoked. And there has to be some way we could pull that, especially if Gordon is threatening to ship off to Russia or whatever. Gordon would be the most talented man in our backcourt, including Jose, and would really give our bench some kick. Giving up Bargnani, Kapono, or any draft picks would be worth it. I would personally love for us to trade Bargnani and Kapono for Ben Gordon and maybe some other player or a draft pick. Just ****ing dump those no-defense bums, get a great 6th man back and pay him $6-7 mill, sign a cheap FA forward or center to replace Bargnani, use Joey and Jawai.

I realize how unrealistic it would be to expect BC to get Gordon without giving up any of our starters. Which is why I don't expect

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