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Default fantasy hoops league

There's an underwhelming lack of interest in the main forum (), so I thought I'd see if anyone here was interested. The first thread is here or you can just continue reading.

Who wants in? IMO the best place for fantasy hoops because all players add up for a specific score rather than their stats being added up in categories like FT%. You have to fill 48 minutes at center, and 96 each at forward and guard. This should explain it better than I could:

The draft isn't live, takes as long as it needs to. I'd like to get 30-32 posters if possible which would constitute about a month draft if people are as lazy setting their contingency lists as they usually are.

Go here to register for the site:
And here to sign up for the league:

league name: insidehoops 08-09
password: ishftw

This is what I plan to use for scoring but I'll listen to any suggestions.

Assists: 1.5
Off. Rebounds: 1.5
Def. Rebounds: 1.0
Blocks: 2.0
Steals: 1.0
Free throws made: 1.0
2 pointers made: 2.5
3 pointers made: 3.5
Free throws shot: 0.5
2 pointers shot: -0.5
3 pointers shot: -0.5
Turnovers: -1.0
Personal Fouls: -0.3
Technical Fouls: -2.0
Team Win: 2.0
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