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Default Re: eurobasket2009 qualifiers

Originally Posted by la bomba
israel must have been awful tonight . they got hammered by the czechs.eliyahu who was top scorer versus great britain played 7 minutes!!Sherf did the same with maccabi I don't know why he selects him.Casspi is either overhyped or sherf doesnt know how to get the best out of him,he certainly need to improve on his free throws.Great Britain won again and are now favourites in my opinion,provided Deng stays healthy.what wasn't healthy and continues to disappoint me time and time again was the lack of fanbase in the uk for the sport 2525 spectators in an arena that can hold nearly 20000!!!it must have felt like playing in a mausoleum!!Anyway I keep saying it,it just won't happen in the UK.We have to accept that basketball is below netball,bowling and fishing!!!Plus anything in the news?? nah its all about croatia 1 england 4.

Briefly, GB played awesome tonight against a very good Bosnian team. Was dissapointed in the crowd but the Nia only holds 10000, not 20000. I understand it wasn;t good. Positive on saturday though is that the Israel game is close to a sell out, around 8000 i believe.
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