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Default Re: Bobcats Off Topic Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Timmeh
I think people are getting a bit ahead of themselves on this. A handful of guys went to Europe this year, a majority of which were native European players. Is that such a problem? I have no problem with a guy wanting to go back to his home country to play.

Sure, Earl Boykins and Josh Childress went to Europe, but here's the thing: These aren't big-name players. These are guys are either role players or guys at the end of their careers. It's no big deal.

Childress was much more important to the Hawks than Boykins was to us or anybody, but I see your point. The question is do the European teams have enough cash and incentives to go after the big 2010 free agents?

On a side note, Timmeh, stay away from the Pitt Co. police.
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