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Default Re: eurobasket2009 qualifiers

Originally Posted by la bomba
Euroleague final four in 2006 Prague.
Euroleague final four in 2009 Berlin.
They speak of London for 2010 or 2011!!!!
Why? none of these cities ,especially London are basketball cities.I was in Prague in 2006 and most of the locals didn't even have a clue that it was happening. When are we going to see the final four in basketball crazy countries like Serbia. Belgrade would be great.they have the venue for it.I don't know if Lithuania do,I suppose they will as they are hosting the eurobasket in 2011.I go to all the final fours and its really disappointing when they announce venues like Berlin and London.Prague was ok cause I love the city and the beer is cheap. Totally different atmosphere in Madrid and Athens.

Lithuania has 2 of 5 venues done, 1 confirmed and it is being built now, and 2 more are getting started. Plus the government is worrying about building a football stadium, especially with our recent results(3-0 us against Moldova, 3-0 us against Romania, 2-0 us against Austria.) Our stadiums are pathetic, but they are building one right now, it should be done in a year or 2. Lithuania will have good beer, I assure you. Prices are a different question, but it shouldn't be anywhere close to prices in London or Paris. Atmosphere should be fine, it is a basketball country after all. I'm hoping to be there, hopefully we won't embarrass ourselves, especially since the country is so racist and xenophobe.

As for the results so far, it looks like from Group A Bulgaria and Serbia will go through, I'm hoping for a Finnish miracle, won't happen, but I wouldn't mind either Bulgaria or Serbia being passed by Hungary. Hopefully, Italy stays out. Next, Group B, wow! Portugal is a joke, how in the world did they make the Eurobasket, and not just that, they made it to the next round. I'm happy that Latvia is first, hopefully Estonia finishes second and Latvia first. Group C looks very weak, if I had to root for a team, I'd pick Belgium. France should be good, obviously that's not the way it is though. I'm expecting Turkey and France to go through, Turkey for sure, France possibly. I think you can all agree with me on that. Group D, not a big fan of a single team, but I hope to see only Britain go through. So my final prediction would be Bulgaria, Serbia, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Britain and Bosnia-Herz. I have not seen one game, as I have no idea where I could, I don't think they are at good times since I am 5 hours behind Britain.
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