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Default Re: Bargnani Will Make or Break the Raptors!

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
I wouldn't expect Barg's to improve his offense so much ..but I think he's going to improve the intangibles of his game, and that's all the Raps really need him too do, for this year. Go after loose balls , play good defense (without getting into foul trouble) , be aggressive on the glass, just be a solid player!

Anyone that thinks Bargnani is going to turn into a superstar over night is kidding themselves . We're looking 2 to 3 years down the road before we see his potential.

exactly, i wouldn't write him off either. However, if he is consitently getting 10 pts, 6rbs, and shooting .500 night in and night out, i'd say that's pretty successful. not all 1st picks turn into superstars.
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