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Default Re: eurobasket2009 qualifiers

Originally Posted by Grinder
Great Britain is just a much better team than Israel with Deng in tow now.

A full strength GBR team would be one of the better ones in Europe:
PG: Gordon
SG: Azubuike
SF: Deng
PF: Mensah-Bonsu
CT: Archibald

with Reinking, Freeland, and Boateng off the bench.

I haven't been impressed with Deng to be honest with you, most of his points are from freethrows, 3-pointers and jumpshots. He hasn't been anything close to an unstoppable dunking machine. Israel would be 4-0 if they had a coach that put Eliyahu at the four and Casspi at the three for 35 minutes, tell them what to do, what to expect and argue with the ref for forty minutes but they don't have a coach even capable of that. Deng should of been on the bench at the end of the first quarter with foul trouble but basketball is a business and the british came out to see Deng. The israelies had the better athletes on the court but their coach is Bobby Knight and hates his players that are athletic and good.
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