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Originally Posted by SsKSpurs21
you make a point, i dont deny that tmac doesnt have help, but in 04-05 dallas was 4th and houston was 5th. dont tell me yall didnt have a good team. yall almost upset the mavs and then blew the series. and this is not just this past year. the mavs have been a top team for the past 4 years...alot of that has to do with dirk.

We did have a good team, but there's only two reasons for that. Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. Subtract them from the rest of the starting lineup in that series and you had...

PG: Bob Sura (playing with no cartilidge in his knee)
SG: David Wesley
PF: Ryan Bowen

Two of those guys wouldn't have started anywhere else in the league, and Ryan Bowen would be hard-pressed to even find a roster spot on the IRL, much less the bench. Put Dirk in that lineup (and Tracy on the Mavs), move Ryan Bowen to SF, and I guarantee Dirk goes home early too.

So the truth is yes, they were a good team, but by the time they hit the playoffs Sura was literally on his last leg, Wesley had nothing left in the tank (played 80 games, 35 mpg, at age 35), and Juwan Howard had gone down with the heart infection. They were worth the 5th seed during the season, but were really a shell of themselves by the time that series took place. It was amazing to see it be as close as it was, and you can't blame any of it on Tracy any more than you'd blame it on any player you could put in his place.
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