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Part of me thinks you have to start Kapono. In Miami, he started and they had Jwill at PG and Shaq. Not overall a great defensive lineup, but they were solid enough. If Kapono comes off the bench, our bench D will be HORRENDOUS....disgusting!!!!! So if you start him, you at least have the two bigs to help, along with AP who will be solid until he tires mid/late season. I like the balance in the O with Kapono starting. Moon can then be a hybrid off the 3/4, run, block shots and be a bust of energy, which is what he should be. He and Hump would give some grit to the 2nd unit, because we know Roko and Bargs probably won't. Even if Joey G does anything this year, he'll help some for the 2nd unit and maybe Jawai can toss around some bodies. Then we can avoid the all white bench mob (Roko, Bargs, Hump, Kapono).
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