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Default Re: Gilbert Arenas out until December

"I just had some floating debris in there that was slowing me down," said Arenas, who seemed to be in good spirits. "It was irritating the knee so we decided to go in there and clean it out. This should actually allow me to come back faster."

Arenas was limited to 13 regular season games last season and missed the final eight regular season games and the playoffs the previous season after tearing the left meniscus in the knee during a game against Charlotte on April 4, 2007.

I've been on vacation and just flew back into town late last night so I'm still in the process of fleshing this all out. I can't yet tell you whether or to what extent president Ernie Grunfeld and coach Eddie Jordan were prepared for all of this.

Thats really messed up on his part...

I mean the guy got a max deal, after being injured almost the whole season, enough to let him build a million dollar pool... the least gil could do is sacrafice a portion of his summer by getting the surgery done before the season starter..

Its not cool to be so well compensated (likely overcompensated...) and not show some loyalty back when it comes to his professionalism...

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