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Default Re: eurobasket2009 qualifiers

Originally Posted by inaminute23
Your so right, the British media are a shambles!!! The players deserve the upmost respect for what they have achieved. It has to start now with the media, lets get them to build us up for the next 12 months, and so when we do go to Poland we are not aliens to the british public. Will it happen? I won't hold my breath, but what i am hoping for is live tv coverage next year. If this doesn't happen something is seriousley wrong, and British basketball will more than tick on, but with no more media coverage than now.

Im glad you are following GB closely, La Bomba. I hope you are as proud as i am today.......Poland 2009 here i come!!
I always follow european basketball. Up in Scotland we not always as passionate about Great Britain as we are of Scotland obviously but I do support them.However as Proud as I am of those concerned I am not proud of our press.It's awful!!there is more coverage on speedway than basketball!!!please!If the press don't latch on to our biggest ever moment,there is a chance that we will peak around 2012 and then die a million deaths.
The public also need to respond but for that they need the exposure provided by the press.
How can the O2 sell out in 24hrs for a garbage pre season match of two nba teams with crap players playing loads of minutes(Scalabrine comes to mind!)and yet only get 6900 for great britain ,with nba star and one of britain's best paid sportsman(Deng), against Israel?and then play in birmingham and liverpool and get a mere 2-2and a half k??Its ridiculous!

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