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Default Re: Euro-basketball,nba freezone thread.

Originally Posted by la bomba
messina,scariolo,pepu hernandez or even piaganini from Siena.Plus I also think they have blown it on the PG position.they were trying to replace Lakovic because he had such a poor end to the season.When they said McIntyre,fine as he is class,but then bringing Barret some american nobody with no experience in europe and a few 10 day contracts in the NBA,come on Lakovic is far better.Creus who was a great point Guard should know this!
I would give Creus the benefit of the doubt. He has a lot of knowledge and if he selected Barret he probably had a good reason for it. Obviously, on the paper it doesn't look good, but I thought the same about Mallet in DKV and look how good the guy has been playing. A different thing is if Pascual will be able to make the guy look good or not.
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