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The Raptors are not owned by a Jerry Jones kind of owner. Image matters, maybe more then winning.

I think the likelyhood that we would even attempt to go after a guy like Josh Howard is so remote that odd's makers in Vegas would never put a line out for it. And that BC has said that the Raptors would not go over the cap and has also said he wants to see how this team works out the way it is right now. Ego might have something to do with this.

Some teams are not going to work out this year. If Atlanta comes out slow and is out quickly they will make moves. The Blazers have a loaded roster that will cause some problems as far as distributing minutes. The Nugets are still a very long way away from being contenders and getting under the cap is a priority. What I'm getting at is their will be other wing players available. Josh Howard may be the best player, but not the best fit. BC will look for a combination of both before he makes any kind of move.
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