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Default ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

I'm talking about thoze worthless rodentz that seriously present no talent, value, or worth to the table. Thoze who are a perfect heterogenouz mixture of idiocy, weaknezz, unawareness, ugly lookz, fatness, cowardice, stupidity, and a lack of originality. Actually, any two of the aforementioned combo iz enough. The epitome of a waste of bandswitch. One who'z never made you chuckle and simply put, iz a sorry a$$ human being. And I use the term human being VERY LOOSELY. Like you would devote effort to helping them out due to pure sympathy. Thoze who's future look awfully bleak.

A demoralized VCDAPTW

are the first namez to come to mind. IMO, the asylum should clear out their insane and replace them with these apathetic sons of witchez.

If I hear my name on a reply, you'll be added to the list. The oldest joke in the book, and it'z so dam blatant I dun think it could be called a joke.
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