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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by v-unit
I had a page full of roast ready for Gencbiba/King Pala, but it took my too long and it logged me out.

SO, I will give the basics of it.

Why I look down upon Gencbiba/King Pala:

A) Gave out personal information on ISH, tells everyone about it as a pose to keep it secret, then blames it on me

B) Does not look like a baller, and by baller, I mean some legit "cool" person you can actually talk to on the street or discuss things in life like poon, basketball, etc. Looks like half rhino/half ape, still wears 50 pound baggy g-unit jeans/thinks life is all about being gangsta (You can tell by the clothes he wears)

C) Honestly think that he doesn't have many friends and is trying to prove that he does on here, dunno though, maybe it's just me. I mean all of his pictures look like they were self portraits from a camera he set up on his drawer and waited 10 seconds for the snap shot.

Finally, here is your report card:

Socialization and ability to commute and live coherently with others: C-
Basketball skills: C+
School knowledge: A
Life knowledge/common sense: C-
Humor: F (See me after class!)

Because you wrote that much about me, I am flattered. Am I on your mind that much that you wanted to write an essay about me?

I posted 3 photos on here. Only one was of me recently (1 year ago) and the rest were 3+ years with the earliest dating to the age of 14 (I am now 20). How many have you posted? Oh yea, one photo where you looked like you were 5'2. And you have no balls to post some more pics of your so-called "good looks". Please kid, just stop. You're a joke. You think other posters actually care what you type? You're a clown.

Socializing? Yeah... I failed school because I used to party with my friends too much... yea...... I fail at socializing but I get an A in school? Thanks for your grand observation skills.

Basketball skills? I'd bust your skinny ass frame. I'm not a Toronto baller, I'm from NYC. You won't survive a day. No matter how athletic or good I am, this is physical basketball. You'll find yourself injured, crawling to the bus stop.

Life knowledge? Hmm... I have a job, go to school, and I have a car. I fail... you're right. Yet again, your observation skills over the internet rule all. I should be a bum according to your post.

Humor? When I wake up in the morning, I usually have a list. It includes getting up, taking a sh!t, brushing teeth, logging onto ISH and trying to post funny stuff to amuse your pasty ass.
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