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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Originally Posted by v-unit

If you want me to post a picture of that 6"10 guy I was standing besides then fine.

Kind of shows your lack of ability so socialize and commute with people properly when someone asks to post a picture of them selves and you post 3 pictures of your self at age 14...Good stuff man! That's exactly what we asked for! Yeah!

Arguing about basketball on a message board though? LAME, again, I play on the top AAU basketball in Toronto...You play on the street

I look down upon you, so what? I'm just some 17 year old in across the great lake Ontario, learn to accept your faults.

And you learn to accept your faults... You're taking this a bit too personally. You even decided to post my name everywhere, when I just accidentally posted a link that had my name. Oversensitive? I think so.

I know nothing of you as a real person, but your internet persona is as interesting as Mississippi.

Out muscle me? Kid... I might be slower than you, or not as physically fit, but I have a stocky build at 5'10. I've mentioned it before that I have NEVER found a person that I could not box out, except this 6'8 320 pound guy in university, and the whole OL of my previous university's Div I football team. I do have a weak bench (around 145 pounds), but I can squat 3 plates on each side (=45lbs each+45lb bar... 315lbs... reason why I have great center of gravity and box-out skills). I'd push you out of bounds.

Discussing basketball btw? You're the one that started comparing yourself with me. Like an idiot, I decided to write that crap that you see on top. Whatever. You're still young and foolish. I forgive you.
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