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Default Re: ISH Postaz you completely look down upon

Your first sentence just really sucks. That's all I can even say. I'm not gonna correct it, but it's ****.

And technically it is exactly what you asked for. If someone says "Post a picture of yourself" and they post pictures at age 14, is it not still them? They're adhering to the criteria, by posting a picture of themselves. Now if they asked for a current photograph, it'd be a different story. But if they just ask for a photograph, well, they better not being talking about that ****ty Nickleback song. Or the slightly less ****ty Def Leppard song.

I apologize, I have been studying for 12 hours these past 2 days because I am freaking out about university.

But your point is kind of off as well, it's like me going to the main forum and asking "Who is your favorite player?" and you type in "Martin Brodeur". He is still your favorite player, but who cares if it's basketball or not, he is your favorite player and that's what the question asked.

See what I mean? It's common sense for people to post a picture of themselves that is recent. Just like it's common sense to post a name of an NBA player that is your favorite. Why would you post a 14 year old self portrait, who would benefit from that? It's completely retarded and falls under that same example I gave above.
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