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Default Re: Bargnani bigger, Jawai out!

I wonder if this is a good thing with Bargnani. I guess he was never the most athletic guy in the 1st place so hopefully this just means he is stronger and won't give up as much room inside on both ends. But if his mentality of avoiding contract on offense, clearing out of the lane when opposing players are driving and just being soft in general doesn't change, then him being bigger will mean little.

It seems like the Raptors themselves have no idea what kind of player they want Bargnani to be. He was drafted as a C to put beside Bosh and that has been a failure so far. Then late last season it seems like they want him as an SF and that was an even bigger failure. Now it's back to the "Bargnani as the future C" hope that they started with.

That sucks about Jawai though. Hopefully it's nothing serious and he is ready to play in the pre-season. It would be nice if he could turn out to be one of those decent 2nd rounders like Craig Smith.
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