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Default Re: Ben Gordon leaving for CSKA
Originally Posted by la bomba
He doesn't get that paid after tax,show me where you got this info from?
He is probably on 2million euros after tax tops!

A simple breakdown based on some info I got from here:
(in the table at the top-right, look for Presupuesto 2007/2008)
(not clear how much confidence can we put on the budget given here, but i think it could be a good hint)

So last season's budget for TAU was around 13M€. It seems that this year's will be around 14M€. I don't think the roster payroll will be much above 80%, so it makes around 11M€. So if Tiago gets half of the payroll of TAU (5.5 M€), he would be making around 8 M$ (1 € = 1.5 $) and in that case he would be around 4 M$ (2.75 M€) after taxes. I don't think that's even possible, since they have 14 players more in the roster, some of then could be making around 1M€ per year (Rako, Prigioni)...

EDIT: I just found in the old news from a basque newspaper that the budget will be lowered this year by 1 or 1.5 M€. Lol, poor Tiago and half of the roster will be homeless in a few posts... The link is in spanish, but you could manage to translate

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