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Default Re: Bargnani bigger, Jawai out!

Seems every team has a player that seemingly bulks up over the summer but it doesn't really show. Hopefully Andrea actually did put on that weight.

Yes it seems that Andrea is still searching for himself as a basketball player. Part of the problem is coaching IMO. If Bargs had a better coach then Sam, ( say what you want about Sam, but he basically just lets guys play most of the time without much direction), someone who was more of a teaching coach, then I believe he'd be much further ahead then he is now.

Big critic of Sam here but I don't think it is lack of trying on his part that Bargnani is at this stage of development. You can tell that Mitchell is trying to drill rebounding into Bargnani's head He also has worked one on one with Bosh in the past.

I think however that because Bargnani has such a seemingly strange aloof personality that Sam's style of coaching may not be able to reach. I think a more high post oriented offense will be able to utilize Bargnani better (which I wish Sam would realize instead of just using the pick&pop), but as far as defense and rebounding, I can't fault Mitchell's methods. It's hard to teach rebounding.
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