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Default Re: Bargnani bigger, Jawai out!

Originally Posted by bballnoob
I think however that because Bargnani has such a seemingly strange aloof personality that Sam's style of coaching may not be able to reach. I think a more high post oriented offense will be able to utilize Bargnani better (which I wish Sam would realize instead of just using the pick&pop), but as far as defense and rebounding, I can't fault Mitchell's methods. It's hard to teach rebounding.

That's always kind of felt like the problem to me. When you have a kid who shows absolutely no emotion on the floor, you wonder whether it's the hint of some killer instinct or he just doesn't give much of a sh*t, and unfortunately it seems like the latter. More than anything Bargnani seems to be confused out there more often than not, and part of the blame for that does have to go to Smitch.
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