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Default Matt Hughes vs B.J. Penn: UFC 63

Penn came out from the get-go and was tagging Hughes in the stand-up and stopped his take-downs for the first two rounds. Won them easily.

But along comes round three, Penn is gassed, Hughes has weathered the storm, and he nails B.J. on his feet, gets him on the ground, and punches Penn in the face until the ref declares a TKO. Hughes showed some real heart, and Penn showed he's still out of shape, just like in the GSP fight.

Mike Swick cruised to an easy decision victory. Looks like he's in line for a title shot against Franklin.

And Little Evil got knocked out in his UFC comeback; cat hasn't looked the same since Gomi rocked his world.

But I hope this prove to all the doubters Hughes is the real deal. Penn fought GSP and put him in the hospital. Matt Hughes just used Penn's face as a punching-bag. He can't be stopped by anyone in his weight class. Hughes is a legend, the greatest 170 pounder ever.
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