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Default Re: The Bench: Make or Break (during the regular season)

I am not worried about the frontcourt at all unless injuries happen. But that goes for any position. Bargnani and Humphries will be more than adequate backups IMO. Besides, O'Neal will be playing 30+ minutes per game and Bosh 35+. From everything I've been reading about Humphries, it sounds like he is going to be a VERY good value for the Raptors for the next couple years that he is signed for.

The backcourt is another story though. Adams and Kapono backing Parker up? That's scary. If Calderon can play 35 minutes per game and not get completely drained by the end of the season then I don't mind Solomon getting the other 13 minutes. I do wonder about Calderon's endurance though. I don't see Ukic being a factor at all this upcoming season. Hopefully that will change the following year.
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