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Default Re: Natural Dreadlocks

Originally Posted by Laker4Lyfe
My son started growing dreads about 4 months ago. This was his 3rd attempt at growing them.

I wasn't very happy about it, but hey he's a grown man what can I do. However he came over the other day and they are starting to look really good now. They are about 8 inches long so far. He shampoos his hair everyday, with some dread shampoo he found. He doesn't put anything else in it, no wax or anything. His girlfriend re-twists them about once a month.

I have a girlfriend that started growing hers when she turned 50. She turned 55 on Sept 17 and they are as long as some of the pictures posted. She goes to the shop and gets her re-twisted once a month also.

I don't like people like lil Wayne who just lets them grow and look horrible.

Getting them re-twisted REALLY helps the look and keeps them individual, if you dont they just mat up together and that's when they look nasty (IMO).

My friends as well as my sons look good (imo) because you can still see their scalp and each individual dread.

It sounds like your son and girlfriend both had their hair sectioned off and backcombed into dreads. That is one way to get dreadlocks, but true dreads are grown not made. I want my hair to do whatever it wants to do, I don't like the sectioned look where you can tell their not natural. But to each his own, I hope to have natural locks one day.
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