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Originally Posted by TMacsOneGoodEye
I think Chuck would beat Rampage easily this time. Since Rampage beat him last time their careers have just gone in completely different directions. Liddell has dominated everyone and Rampage kind of lost his heart it seems. I keep hearing that Rampage might go to the UFC but I don't know how true it is.

A fight I would probably wanna see more than any fight is Chuck VS Cro Cop. I think they both might walk around at the same weight. That could be an alltime classic bout.

No doubt, it'll answer the debate, the better weapon between a kicker and a puncher. But although we'd expect to see a bloodbath between these two, as shown in the Swick/Louiseau fight(also Silvia/ Alrlowski III), it might play out to be a very drawn out patient fight because the two would respect the others striking ability.
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