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Originally Posted by hateraid
No doubt, it'll answer the debate, the better weapon between a kicker and a puncher. But although we'd expect to see a bloodbath between these two, as shown in the Swick/Louiseau fight(also Silvia/ Alrlowski III), it might play out to be a very drawn out patient fight because the two would respect the others striking ability.

Yeah, that's a good point. It might turn out to be boring as all hell. But Arlovski and Sylvia were both scared cause they both got glass chins, I don't think Cro Cop and Chuck got that problem. I've only seen Cro Cop get knocked out once and that was by Randleman and in that fight he got tagged viciously and fell to the ground but still held on for a little while longer before Randleman laid another blow and knoced him out. I think it would be a blood bath.
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