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Default Tragedy Khadafi Speaks On 2Pac

Remembering Tupac Shakur: Tragedy Khadafi

So Hood: What are the most powerful lyrics that you ever heard from any person in general?

Tragedy Khadafi: Thereís a couple of them but the main one I have to say is Tupac. I can't take nothing from Nas; he said some powerful s***. That joint Many Men by 50 Cent, I think that's a powerful song. That's what gives a song power when it becomes spiritual, it's not just about the streets, it's not just about money but it's about streets, money, power, struggle and spirituality. To me, Tupac encompassed it.

So Hood: Tupac has such an influence in rap, What do you think about artists, you see a sample here a sample there of Tupac?

Tragedy Khadafi: I just think they were influenced by him but I also think they showing respect to a certain degree, certain artists need to let go cause they canít even #### with Pac you know what Iím sayiní?

So Hood: So when did you start feeling Pac?

Tragedy Khadafi: Iím not going to lie I wasnít a Pac fan the first couple of times I heard him but when I was listening to his s***. I was like ĎYo hold on, man. This dude is in f*****í pain - heís crying.í When I rhyme I be crying straight up yo! I started feeling Pac when he did this song called ĎPainí that was on the Above The Rim Sdtrk. I went to see the movie Above The Rim and Iím the type I like to watch till the credits go off so Iím sitting there and this beat comes on and s*** and the beat is f*****í dumpiní and itís crazy and then Pac just comes on and he says ďThey never take me alive Iím getting high with my four-five cockiní these suckas time to die even as a youngster causing ruckas in the back of the bus I was a fool all through out high school kickiní up dust, so they label me a troublemaker. Who can you blame? Smoking weed help me take away the pain cause Iím hopeless.Ē And I said ĎOh s***, thatís f***** Tupac?í thatís some s*** like I would say. From then on I became a fan.

So Hood: When the whole beef and everything went on. Were you rolling with Nas? Who were you with though at that time?

Tragedy Khadafi: I was always with Pac regardless. Iím not sayiní I would s*** on Nas or s*** on Biggie cause I love Nas and I love Biggie too. But in terms of being the best artist more in my eyes - and who would always win is Tupac, straight up! Period. Point Blank.

So Hood: You were involved in the "L.A. L.A." joint.

Tragedy Khadafi: No doubt! Very much so, not only was I involved in the "L.A. L.A." video which I paid for out of my own pockets - I paid seven grand and Nick Smith who went on to be a big director and shoot Cash Money, Nas, and all types of big stars. I actually architect the whole song; Stretch Armstrong and I came up with the song idea, we put Mobb Deep on it and C-N-N on it. So we orchestrated the whole s*** no doubt I was involved with it.

So Hood: What motivated you to get into that?

Tragedy Khadafi: I felt like it was an attack on our character on East Coast artists when they made "New York, New York" Death Row was getting real strong and powerful and I felt like no one in the East Coast was answering to that. And I felt like if we didn't answer to that the fans in the East Coast as well as those artists coming at the East Coast would've felt like something is sweet, and there's nothing sweet on this side of light.
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