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Default Re: Euro-basketball,nba freezone thread.

Originally Posted by la bomba
Hi thanks for joining us.I think people make a lot about these games,both when euro teams win or when an nba beat a supposedly good euro side.But the thing is the europeans have the euroleague and their domestic league to play and they are playing these friendlies to get some money inbetween.Make no mistakes, these games are nothing for the players,they don't want to get injured in these games when they have big games coming up,for anyone(and there are loads out there!)who think that these are high priority games for the europeans and they are highly motivated, you are so wrong. Cska are more interested in their upcoming euroleague games by far,when barca go there next week,they will be in the start of their season(currently playing their 3rd match )and about to start the euroleague,these games are a pain!a total inconvenience nothing else.
I'm really looking forward to this, then we can finally crown a world champion.

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