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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by mell-0
Make no mistake about it... this movie is geting mixed reviews... I just saw it tonight, and I must say... this movie was perfect for a guy like me... (Doomsday Dallas)

If you want to see how the war on terror might look like... or how memebers of the C.I.A. might opperate... or more importantly what are the 'good' muslims doing to fight against the 'bad' muslims?... This movie was greatness. It does have the same feel as SPY GAME,... but I felt like this movie was far much better. Russel Crowe's character was damn near perfect.

Oh yea... You will see some serious blood in the movie... or should I say pain instead?

Doomsday, your a pimp. I have to see that movie!!!!

Beers up man! you've got to try some of these Portland beers. Best in the US!!
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