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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by bumpyknucks
Agreed. 3/10

To me it also didnt feel like there was this amazing story to tell so they got everybody back to get together because they HAD to tell it. It just felt like everybody wanted to make some money so they just threw together a story or picked one out of a pile. Would have been a decent couple tv episodes, but not strong enough for a movie.

You know their's going to be a third, possibly fourth. How can they not reveal what happened to Mulder's sister? That's basically what the entire series was about. It was Mulder's never-ending quest for the truth behind his sister's abduction.

Funny, I got really into X Files last year. I rented the first two seasons, started downloading all of the rest of them. I was watching one or two episodes a day, until I came across an episode from the first or second season [can't remember which], which was about a disfigured boy, whom the town folks wanted to kill because they thought he was a monster of sorts. The kid ended up being gay, and was obsessed with Cher. At the end of the episode, the kid starts walking up a flight of stairs dancing and singing to Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves", and it was quite possibly the gayest thing I had ever seen at the time. It was the worst episode I had ever seen. I haven't watched an episode since then. I just cannot get that horrible sequence out of my mind, and it completely turned me off from the series as a whole.
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