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Default Re: Bargnani looking pretty good in pre-season

I realize people don't pay much attention to teams that aren't there own in the offseason.

Bargnani bulked up 15 pounds. He's a legit 7 feet, 265lbs now. He's big.

Word is he came out of his shell this summer. He started speaking better english and talking more to his teammates. He hit the gym harder then he ever has before and he was the first one in the gym all summer.

People forget that he was runner up for ROY when he was drafted, and that he had a bad sophmore year, which is a common year to have a player's numbers drop.

He will be better this year. He's going to be a great 6th man. He might not be a starter in this league, but he's certainly is no worse then a top 5 player from his draft.

He's not Darko. He's only played two season in the NBA, and one of them he was the third best player on a 47 win team and ROY runner up (over players like LaMarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay).
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