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Default Re: Natural Dreadlocks

Originally Posted by Laker4Lyfe
I don't understand what you mean by "natural"? Please explain that to me. Both of them appear to be very "natural" to me. I honestly don't believe that just not combing your hair is considered "dreads" but as you said to each his own.

What does "backcombed" mean?

Everyone's hair would naturally knot and form dreadlocks over time if they just let it happen."Natural" dreadlocks are ones that you didn't really do anything to get them,this does NOT mean that you don't wash your hair and just let it look like crap though. CLEAN hair knots faster and your supposed to wash at least twice a week or more. All you do for natural dreads is never brush your hair or run your fingers through it and wash with a residue-free organic soap(like Dr.Bronners),thats it and you just let your hair form how it wants to without forcing the idea of dreads upon it.

Backcombing is when you MAKE your hair into dreadlocks. You section off the hair, usually in about 1inch by 1inch squares and then you backcomb the hair towards the scalp forcing it to knot up. If your hair is long enough it will look like dreads right after you do this but they do take time to mature.

But by doing this your completely taking away any chance of your hair having a unique natural look. Dreadlocks take time to grow and no products need to be used.
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