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Default Re: Bargnani looking pretty good in pre-season

Originally Posted by mattreis62
Wow, the anti-European bias on this board is getting pretty bad. Did I ever say in my original post that I thought he was going to be a star or anything close to that? All I said was that he was playing pretty well. I even pointed out that it was just pre-season and that one of the games was against CSKA Moscow, so of course half of the posts cleverly mention that it's just pre-season and one of the games was against CSKA Moscow.

Maybe he'll never live up to his status as the #1 pick, but he's already proven that he's not as much of a bust as Darko or Kwame. 12 points and 5 boards on almost 50% shooting is really good production for a backup big man.

People that follow the team won't understand, these things are better left in the team forum instead of the NBA forum. People here expect production like 20/10 to consider a big man being decent. Sometimes, even that isn't good enough. They do not understand the fact that compared to last year, where Bargnani looked horrible, that he has starting looking better. Made his game inside the arc a lot better than last year and is creating his offense from within the arc. He is also blocking shots this year, something he didn't do at all the first couple of years. His overall defense still sucks, but he is getting better.
You can't be serious. He was the runner up for ROY because Brandon Roy got 127 out of 128 votes.
Why does it matter if Roy got 128 out of 128 or 127 out of 128? Bargnani was the runner up because he ended up having the second best total. The voting is conducted 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Not 1 and done...
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