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Originally Posted by Younggrease
Stupid article, its really reaching. They need jumpers so it has to be walker or j-will because wade cant shoot

Iīm far from a Walker fan and as a Mavs supporter you can only be happy that he doesnīt put the ball on the floor more often, but maybe heīs scared of getting fouled with his horrible FT percentage. BUT I donīt think heīs taking too many or bad shots, he just doesnīt make them. People give Shaq too much of a pass for missing free throws or not rebounding, focusing on the wiping boys like Walker. While this series is far from over, remember Spurs/Pistons last year it might just be a case of the Heat being too old. Gary Payton got abused by TP two years ago, why should he suddenly be a better player. The Heat just had some favourable match-ups with Nets and Pistons, whose point guards are bullies not speedsters. Who knows if the Heat had survived the first round, if Chicago had Damp and Diop in the middle instead of Chandler/Sweetney/Schenscher.
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