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Originally Posted by jailer
Man I would have thought that since pau was spains top player that he would get a touch evertime down.It was the opposite pau hardly ever got touches he was like there go to guy when the clock wound down.Pau averaged 22+ still even though he didnt have the ball constantly.Just crazy cause here he has the ball 80% of time.

Pau is not like Dirk, Kobe or Lebron. These players can make themselves their own play, without any help from their partners. Pau, till now, is not like that. Pau will not come at the level of these players, but he is undoubtedly the best player of our team. He has improved in his shot, his rebound, his defense, almost quite, but he's not perfect. Because of it he needs the help of his partners and much more when he returns of his injury.

The question is not how many time Pau has the ball, but how usable it will be. And in it, his parterns and, of course, his trainer are keys. Now Gasol is injured it's time for Fratello to think seriously about that.

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