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Originally Posted by TMacsOneGoodEye
Penn beat himself. He was dominating Hughes until he got tired and then Hughes cruised to an easy TKO, with the way Penn was gassed I think there are people here that could have beat him so I don't buy the "Hughes has heart!" argument unless heart means getting dominated until your opponent gets tired.

Heart means taking whatever punishment you have to take, surviving when you're getting dominated, and never giving up or looking for a way out.

And this has always been one of the stupidest arguments I've heard. Penn's stamina wasn't in the same place Hughes' was, does that take away from the latter's win? Should we penalize Hughes because he has a better work ethic and trains harder than the spoiled rich kid?

Matt Hughes is far less talented than B.J. Penn and still ended up destroying Penn. That's the true mark of a champion in my eyes.

And MMA mathematics doesn't really work, I know, but I am more assured after this fight that Hughes can beat GSP as Matt lasted 2 rounds with an attacking Penn before TKOing him in the third, whereas GSP only had to deal with a motivated Penn for one, and even than only squeeked out a decision victory.

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